Fall 2017 Lethbridge Tweet-Up

Fall 2017 Lethbridge Tweet-Up

Have you ever met someone in person that you knew online? Better yet, did you meet them at a Tweet-Up?

A Tweet-Up is an organized event for a group of Twitter users, and this past Friday, I along with some fellow tweeps organized one for Lethbridge! We all met at the Telegraph Tap House downtown for some drinks, appetizers, and great conversation.

Can I say that it was a hoot? Because puns are funny, right?

I’m no stranger to organized meet-ups with people I know online. Back in the day (about 2001/2002), I met people I knew in a Lethbridge community I created on LiveJournal. I planned meet-ups at the old Esquires location on the west side since the majority of the community attended the University of Lethbridge, and while some of the meet-ups were spent joking about how awkward the gathering was, the more we did them the more comfortable we became with each other. Today, I’m still friends with this group and I’m so glad we met when we did because we got through our young adult years together, which were awkward in their own way.

I think I’ve also mentioned before how I met a woman who lives in Edmonton through an official Buffy the Vampire Slayer message board. Again, another awkward meeting at first, but I ended up travelling to Edmonton on a yearly basis to hang out with her. Years later, she was a bridesmaid at my wedding and I attended hers.

Friday night’s #YQLTweetUp just ignited my love for meet-ups all over again! Somehow, I overcome my shyness and make jokes when awkward moments happen. And you know that you’ve thrown a good Tweet-Up when people stick around after the event has ended and head to another establishment for an after party (which I hope to attend next time!)

So, if you’ve always wanted to meet someone you know online, a group meet-up is definitely the way to go for both safety and comfort reasons. If you attend a Tweet-Up, you will make new friends and have a whole new bunch of interesting people to follow.

If you are interested in attending the next Lethbridge Tweet-Up, tweet me at @lethview and I’ll add you to our invitation list!

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