34 random facts

34 random facts

Recently a friend of mine posted 32 random facts about herself on Twitter — one for every year she’s been alive (it was her birthday). I liked the idea so much that I decided to share my own list of random facts.

One for every year I have been alive.

1. I came into the world backwards (I was a breech baby).

2. I don’t dance unless I like the song that is playing.

3. I used to be heavily interested in the lives of celebrities.

4. I have lived on every “side” of Lethbridge, but my favourite is the south side where we currently reside.

5. When planning my first trip to Europe, I was not interested in travelling to London initially. It was a stop on a Contiki tour I was on that included Paris and Amsterdam (the city I was actually interested in).

6. I have loved London since that first trip in May 2004.

7. I do think this is a lucky number.

8. I’m 5’9″.

9. You’d think someone of my height was good at basketball in grade school. Nope, but I kicked ass at doubles badminton.

10. I don’t swear a lot around people I don’t know very well. You will know if I’m comfortable around you if I swear openly and frequently. It also means I’m having a good time.

11. I’m most comfortable in a social setting of only two or three people (including myself). Any more than that and I withdraw from the conversation and become a fly on the wall.

12. I’ve met a few famous musicians, but my favourite has to be Matthew Good. I had the opportunity to talk to him for a few minutes, have some things autographed, and have my photo taken with him — all while hanging out in the front portion of his tour bus.

Photo by Tanya Plonka

13. And I do think this is an unlucky number.

14. I have trouble sleeping in on weekends because my internal clock is used to getting up when I usually do the rest of the week. I’m usually tired and cranky on weekends because of this since I tend to stay up later than usual.

15. Our daughter was named after a historical figure.

16. The longest I have gone without a Coca-Cola is 40 days (I gave it up for Lent one year).

17. After Kill Bill, my second favourite movie is Snatch.

18. My husband and I are fans of the TV show Corner Gas. One year, during the August long weekend, we stayed in Regina and drove to Rouleau to see Dog River in person. We have all the episodes on DVD as well as the movie, and we got to meet Brent Butt when he came to Lethbridge to perform stand-up.

19. Whenever I’m down in the dumps, I search YouTube for episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway? and that always cheers me up, but the videos have to be from when Drew Carey hosted the show.

20. I envy those who have had a best friend for a good portion of their life.

21. I got hooked on singing karaoke when I took Print Journalism at the college. I don’t need liquid courage to get up and sing either.

22. Robert Downey Jr. is my celebrity crush.

23. When I watch TV, 90% of the time I’m watching the Food Network.

24. I hate shopping for clothes and shoes. I rarely find something I like, and when I do I usually cannot find it in my size.

25. My favourite type food is Asian.

26. Minimalism appeals to me.

27. My favourite song is Like a Stone by Audioslave.

28. My favourite colour is blue and I dislike pastels.

29. The social media platform I struggle with the most is Instagram because I don’t take a lot of photos or think of taking photos of every day things.

30. Growing up, I preferred The Muppets over anything Disney. Still do.

31. I didn’t have to take Home Economics in junior high or high school. My mom taught me how to cook and bake at home.

32. My very first concert was Our Lady Peace. The last concert I saw was Matthew Good.

33. I have no tattoos but I have an idea of what I want for two when/if I get them.

34. My brother is 10 years, 7 months, and 18 days older than me.


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