Silly Caucasian girl loves bloody revenge film

Silly Caucasian girl loves bloody revenge film

Author’s Note:  HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! Initially, I was not going to talk too much about any of the scenes or the plot of the movie, but my husband informed me that “if you haven’t seen it within 10 years after its release, it’s your own damn fault”.

Back in my younger, formative years, I would join a group of my friends at the local cinema to see what us young kids called a movie (true story!) Now, I am a thirty-something homebody that cannot remember the last movie she saw in a theatre. Anyway, it was during one of these excursions that I saw an epic movie trailer.

As it finished, I’m pretty sure my mouth was gaped open and my heart was pounding in my chest from excitement. I had to see this movie.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 premiered in October 2003, a time in my life when I was experiencing some personal lows and nearing rock bottom where my mental health was concerned. I saw Uma Thurman’s character as a strong, relentless champion that I clearly was not at the time — but  she was one I could draw strength from.

The movie begins in blackout as the title credits flash in white text, the only sound you hear is a woman’s heavy breathing. A few seconds tick by, the heavy breathing continues as title credits flash on and off of the screen. Throughout the theatre, I heard whispers and tittering as the audience’s imagination concluded we were about to come across an intimate scene. Suddenly, a woman in a wedding veil is shown on screen, her eyes frantically darting around, blood spattered on her face — her laboured breathing making sense now. The audience let out a collective “OH!”, and I was hooked.

One of the things that attracted me to Kill Bill was that it was one woman against everyone who did her wrong or stood in her way. Seeing her go against her enemies and triumphing in such a fantastic (and yes, violent) way was therapeutic for me and helped get me through some tough times. I am a shy, introverted, good-natured person with a strong moral compass — and The Bride is my alter ego.

I have two of these vinyl figures — one at home and one on my desk at work.

Points/Questions I have about Kill Bill: Volume 1

  • How did Nikki NOT freak out when she saw her mother had been killed by The Bride with a knife to the chest? Did her mother prepare her somehow?
  • I own a Pussy Wagon keychain.
  • I have Elle Driver whistling Twisted Nerve as my cellphone’s ringtone (I can’t find the right one of Auld Lang Syne).
  • The scene where The Bride is in her hospital bed and discovers that she is no longer pregnant is so gut-wrenching — a great performance by Uma.
  • I have a Kill Bill-related vanity license plate on my car, but I was not able to get “PSY WGN” for obvious reasons.
  • O-Ren Ishii is my favourite member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.
  • Does it not look like it was a young Bill who murdered O-Ren’s father in the animated sequence?
  • I love the sushi bar scene! “Do you understaaaaand?”
  • One of my favourite pieces of Kill Bill memorabilia that I own is a replica of The Bride’s Hattori Hanzo sword a friend acquired for me from a comic book store in Calgary.
  • I was familiar with Zamfir’s song The Lonely Sheppard before the movie. My grandmother had  a few cassette tapes of his music that I would listen to while she babysat me when I was younger.
  • O-Ren’s speech after she beheads Boss Tanaka — priceless!
  • I have dressed up as a Crazy 88 many times for Halloween.
  • The House of Blue Leaves set is my favourite, especially the garden.
  • I own a pair of yellow trainers similar to The Bride’s. They even have fake blood on them courtesy of a Motley Crue concert I wore them to.
  • Tarantino’s music choices for fight scenes amuses me greatly.
  • The fight in the blue room with silhouettes is gorgeous.
  • “Is she aware that her daughter is still alive?” WHUT? I think my eyes bugged out again after hearing that. What a cliffhanger!

I had never seen any of Quentin Tarantino’s movies before Kill Bill, so initially I was surprised by the amount and type of violence I saw. After watching Volume 1 a few more times, I understood his style better and eventually could laugh at some of these scenes — much to the horror of friends who had not watched the movie as many times as I have.

Once I saw Kill Bill: Volume 2 in April 2004, I grew to appreciate the film even more and began my journey as a full-fledged fanatic (say that three times fast!)

Points/Questions I have about Kill Bill: Volume 2

  • I was not surprised to see that Samuel L. Jackson was the “coloured fellow that plays the organ” at the wedding chapel. Not one bit.
  • But I was also not aware that David Carradine played Bill until I saw him for the first time in Volume 2. The last time I saw him in something was when he played Kwai Chang Caine in the television series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues that I watched with my dad on Saturday afternoons when I was younger.
  • I still cannot get over how well done the live burial of The Bride was. Limited visual and mostly sound, transporting the whole audience into the wooden coffin with her.
  • *strokes her imaginary Pai Mei beard and laughs heartily*
  • My two favourite fictional female warriors have had to claw their way out of a grave — The Bride and Buffy Summers.
  • Another character that I have dressed up as is Elle Driver. I even committed to dying my hair blonde just for the costume.
  • Gargantuan. That is all.
  • The eye squishing shot always makes me squirm.
  • The Bride seeing her daughter for the first time. Just wow.
  • Also, how cute is B.B.? Gosh, that kid is a heartbreaker.
  • I love the exchange about the pregnancy test between The Bride and Karen Kim. Just two women who understand and respect each other.
  • The Five-Point-Palm-Exploding-Heart technique!
  • “The Lioness has rejoined her Cub, and all is right in the jungle.” *sigh*

It always surprises people when I tell them that Kill Bill is my favourite movie, but it surprised me as well. I’m usually more of a comedy/romance type person, but inside I think I’ve always been a bit of a fighter. I’ve contemplated learning a martial art or how to sword fight, but then the chicken shit part of me that hates getting hurt kicks in and I forget about it.

I’m just a silly Caucasian girl who loves a bloody revenge film.

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