An ode to Spring

An ode to Spring

I love spring!

(I tried to write a better introduction to this post than that, but really, that’s what the whole point of this post is about — to tell you that spring is my favourite season!)

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate winter. It’s cold, for one thing. That’s unpleasant. Then it snows, virtually locking you in with endless frigid temperatures until a Chinook arrives. The air becomes even more dry because, hello landlocked prairies, so the lotion companies make their moolah while you’re endlessly applying to your cracked, stinging skin.

Everyone loves summer except me (probably not the case, but that’s what it feels like). I hate the heat and the blazing sun. My skin is very fair, so I burn easily and need to apply SPF 100+ anytime I’m going to be out in the sun for a long time (even more money for the lotion companies). I’m constantly paranoid about getting either sunburns or mosquito bites, so its difficult to focus on having a good time. I also have an incredibly hard time breathing when the mercury is around 30 celsius. This all cumulates into absolutely no fun for me. How can I focus on having fun when I am so uncomfortable?

Autumn/Fall is depressing because everything is dying and the cold weather starts to rear its ugly head again. Everything that was green and alive turns brown, orange, and yellow and you carry around this dread in your heart that winter is looming at the end of it all.

But spring? Oh… my lovely, lovely season. I love thee so much! Really, just look at how joyous and colourful you are!

(Okay, yes, that’s just a photo of the Easter chocolate at Shopper’s Drug Mart… but still! Look at all the colours!)

(Also, this post was not sponsored by Lindt, I assure you.)

Why do I love spring? Um, because it’s not winter anymore! DUH! Hahaha… but I like that we don’t have to deal with the snow and cold anymore. I do love me a good downpour of rain and even a great thunderstorm, and spring has plenty of that.

Growing up, I loved seeing the sparkle of fresh morning dew on the blades of grass in our backyard and millions of tiny, white blossoms on our apple tree as I walked past on my way to catch the school bus. Or when I would be heading through our front yard gate at the start of a bike ride around our neighbourhood and I’d catch a whiff of our fragrant lilac bush that stood next to the gate. I don’t usually like being outdoors, but for spring I make an exception because of this.

And you can’t beat the Easter candy at this time of year! Cream eggs, mini eggs, marshmallow eggs, caramel eggs, Reese eggs, Twix eggs… virtually everything yummy and sugary gets molded into egg form and devoured!

Omnomnom! XD

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