Obligatory Christmas post

Obligatory Christmas post

Since everyone else is making Christmas posts (’tis the season!), it would be amiss if I didn’t follow suit. I found this Blogging Christmas Challenge on Jan’s blog and thought it would be the perfect excuse thing to do! If you want to, you can leave me a comment below with your own answers.

(Yes, I’m aware that #2 and #23 say 2012… I’ll just adjust it for the current year.)


1. Your favourite Christmas movie:  Already a tough question because I have a lot of favourites (e.g. The Muppet Christmas Carol and Love Actually), but my absolute favourite that screams “CHRISTMAS!” to me is the stop motion version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with Burl Ives as Sam the Snowman. It has a special place in my heart.

2. Your 2016 Christmas wish list:  How about wishing for a better 2017 with less deaths of our beloved figures? I think I’ve asked for gift cards because I’m boring and very particular about what I want.

3. When / how did you learn that Santa wasn’t real?:  *lip quivers* Wha? (j/k) I think I knew in grade 6 or so, but I still wanted to milk getting an extra present, until one year my parents kinda rolled their eyes at me and knew that I knew and was just being a greedy little shit. Hahaha!

4. Favourite Christmas song:  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, especially the Garth Brooks version from the Garth Brooks & the magic of Christmas album.

5. Best gift you’ve ever received:  An iPad mini.

6. Your favourite tree ornament:  Growing up, the tree topper for our family’s tree was an angel that wore a lace dress and sung from a golden hymnal. After I moved out, my mom gave it to me for my future family’s Christmas tree. It brings back great memories of decorating the tree with my brother, Tony.

7. Most memorable Christmas:  One year, a family member was in the Foothills Hospital in Calgary recovering from surgery, so the rest of my family gathered up all the presents, drove up to Calgary, slept in a hotel room, and had Christmas in the hospital room. The day was made more special by my Aunt and Uncle who lived in Calgary at the time and brought food for a Christmas dinner. We may not have been home for Christmas that year, but it felt like home.

8. Post a picture of Christmas decor: This is the angel I talked about in #6.


9. Easiest person to buy for?:  My daughter.

10. Favourite holiday scent:  Real Christmas trees.

11. Favourite Christmas tradition:  When I was young, Christmas Eve night was always spent at my Polish grandparents’ house. We would order in either KFC or Chinese food, and we would eat it while listening to Polish Christmas carols by Mazowsze. After dinner, we would break oplatek while wishing each other a merry Christmas and a happy new year. After everyone had a turn breaking the oplatek, we would relax in the living room and watch Christmas specials on TV together.

12. Wrapping paper or gift bags?:  For the most part, I wrap all the Christmas presents, but if I’m pressed for time, I will use gift bags.

13. Favourite Christmas book:  I don’t have one.

14. Real or artificial tree?:  Artificial tree. Less mess, less maintenance, and they look fuller. But I do miss the smell of a real tree, so I usually burn a tree-scented candle to compensate.

15. The best gift you’ve given:  An Indiana Jones DVD box set for my husband. In the days leading up to Christmas, he was baffled by what was wrapped under the tree for him because he did not ask for anything that was the size of the present. It drove him nuts and I enjoyed stumping him. *evil grin*

16. Hardest person to buy for?:  My husband. He gives me a wish list, but I also try to listen to wishes he says in passing leading up to Christmas and buy those for him instead. *another evil grin*

17. Post a picture of an old Christmas card:  We received this card from my sister-in-law a year or two ago.


18. When do you open gifts?:  Christmas morning.

19. Favourite stocking stuffer:  I have always received king-sized versions of my favourite chocolate. Smarties, peanut M&Ms, Twix, or those one-pound Reese cups.

20. Favourite Christmas meal:  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, my mom’s incredible mushroom gravy, cauliflower and carrot gratin, buttered kernel corn, Crab Louie or Caesar salad, white tray buns from Safeway with butter, and cherries jubilee for dessert. YUM!

21. Do you travel on the holidays?:  Just the one year to Calgary (see #7), and one year to Redcliff, otherwise we stay in Lethbridge.

22. Eggnog or hot chocolate?:  Eggnog, preferably with some Captain Morgan Private Stock rum.

23. Your plans for Christmas 2016:  We usually  have Christmas Eve at our place (to carry on the tradition from my Polish grandparents), then we have Christmas dinner at my parents’ house.

24. Favourite Christmas Eve tradition:  See #11.

Your turn!

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