One person’s trash…

“We got rid of a lot of s#!t this weekend!”

That’s how eloquently I expressed my joy from the results of our first year participating in the Reuse Rendezvous, an event organized by Environment Lethbridge. I have to be honest and say that participating in this weekend’s event was down right… addicting. I’ll explain why.

I had the Friday off from work, so for most of the morning I was gathering all of our unwanted, but still usable items in a nice little pile by our back door to be ready to put out in the afternoon. After coming back home from my first dentist check-up and cleaning appointment in five years (Oww!), I started setting things out in a nice little corner of our front lawn — making sure I erected the free “I’m participating!” sign that I picked up from the public library’s main branch.

After my first trip, I went back inside to grab another bunch of items. As I made my way back to the front yard, I saw that there was already someone looking through our stuff! We exchanged pleasantries, and I noted that everything in the pile was to go, even the reusable bags that I carried some of the items to the lawn in. She thanked me and kept on digging. I couldn’t help but be a bit excited as I saw her arms fill up with stuff she intended to take. Trash to me, treasure to her. I had more in the house, and I didn’t want to stand and gawk when I could be giving her more stuff to take, so I briskly walked back inside to bring more items that she might have wanted. Unfortunately, when I came back, she was gone, but I was happy to see a lot of empty spaces where some of the stuff had been. ‘I got rid of all that in the first five minutes?’ I asked myself. I was loving this already! After a few more trips, I finally had all of our reusable items out on the front lawn.

I quickly walked back into the house, sat near my living room window, and stalked my junk pile from afar. Every time a car drove by, I mentally pleaded with them to stop and take a lot at my wares. Some would slow down and only look from their vehicle’s window (Boo!), but more and more would stop and get out of their cars to pick through our pile. When there was a lull in cars, I would head outside and rearrange my pile if it was looking particularly shabby and disorganized, then I rushed back inside when more people came. I won’t deny doing a few finger pyramids while watching either. Creepy, yes, but I enjoyed seeing all of this junk being carted away as quickly as it was.

Like I said, it was addicting.

As the pile got smaller and smaller, I started looking around my house for more stuff to put out on the lawn. ‘Surely I have more junk that I want to get rid of!’ I told myself. I searched high and low, left and right. I was able to pick out a few more things, but not much more. And those went as quickly as the rest. When my husband came home from work, he joined in on my pile-stalking (at my request, of course). I couldn’t have been the only one who found getting rid of junk this way exciting! He ended up making it even more enjoyable by narrating inner dialogues of the people going through our items — what their thoughts were, why they put down one item and picked up another, the things they were going to do with the items, etc. Yes, we’re horribly weird people. Well aware of it, thanks. :P

Since the weather forecast called for rain on Sunday, I decided to bring in any leftover items Saturday evening. We had maybe five or six things left that we will probably donate to charity. But, to go from what we started with to six items in the span of two days was very liberating! I don’t particularly like owning a lot of “things”, meaning physical objects with no use or sentimental value that just sit around gathering dust. I love Reuse Rendezvous now because you don’t have to pack up your stuff and try and decide on the best place to take it all. People come to you and haul it away by their own means.

It’s pretty safe to say that we will be participating again next year, but we will try to be a little less creepy about it. ;)

Did you participate in the Reuse Rendezvous this past weekend? How much stuff did you get rid of? What amazing treasures did you find?

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