Moving to a different beat

Author’s Note:  After I finished writing this post, I was shocked at how long it was. I have decided to break it up into parts so I won’t lose my readers along the way. Enjoy!

Most of the bloggers that I’ve been following lately are runners from Southern Alberta. I love reading their posts about how they got started with running, beating their personal records, and seeing the photos they share from races. Unfortunately, I can’t relate to their experiences because I’m not much of a runner (though reading their posts has piqued my interest).

I do something a little different.

This past March, I performed in a group dance number in front of a live audience. Now, for most people, it would be a horrifying experience to have so many pairs of eyes on you, watching every move you make. But not for me! Even though I am very shy person, I thoroughly enjoy public speaking, acting in plays, and, now, dancing.

I’ve taken dance classes on and off at the Ammena Dance Company for about the past four years. I started with a beginner’s bellydance class, which wasn’t for me, but it gave me an idea of what learning to dance at Ammena was like. Then I attended their yearly dance show, An Explosion of World Dance & Music, and fell in love with their burlesque dance performance. The following fall, I took a burlesque class with my friend, Lindsay, and continued on with it into the winter semester so I could learn the entire choreography to the song Be Italian by Fergie, from the movie Nine. I had absolutely no dance training prior to this except for maybe a few lessons during my high school drama classes.

I had been mulling over the idea that one day I would perform in the yearly dance show, but every time there were “tryouts” (not really competing for spots, but actually trying-out a dance to see if you want to perform it) I didn’t enjoy any of the chosen songs enough to want to dance to them. This is a big thing for me. If a song doesn’t have a good beat to it, or it is performed by an artist I dislike (hahaha, yep, I’m a snob like that), I’m automatically not interested. Finally, at last year’s tryouts, I got hooked onto a song that was for a flamenco/jazz number, so I signed up! I guess I should also note that I was 23-weeks pregnant at the time, with my due date set for the end of September. A couple of friends who have danced in Ammena shows before reassured me that I could watch practices from the sidelines in the few weeks before and after I gave birth. I was also taking a one-year maternity leave, so I thought it would be a great way to get out of the house for an hour or so for some exercise.

(Read Part 2)

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