The roundabout way

A couple weeks ago, someone tweeted to the City of Lethbridge Twitter account that she was “surprised & terrified” to find this mailed along with her water bill.

“Isn’t this common knowledge?” she asked.

I replied to her tweet saying that, while it is taught in driver training, roundabouts have only sprung up in Lethbridge recently, and that citizens probably needed the refresher.

It’s true that the city shouldn’t have to send out reminders on how to drive, but with all the new subdivisions popping up with roundabouts as the only way to navigate intersections, it’s nice to have something to refer to. I admit that I vaguely know how to navigate them myself, and there are a couple of reasons for that. I took my driver training 13 years ago, and I don’t remember there being any roundabouts in the city to use for practice. Today, I rarely travel to the new areas of the city where roundabouts are most prevalent, so I still don’t have a lot of experience with them.

I’m glad that the city saw a need for this information and sent it out to everyone. I read the entire pamphlet, and am happy to say that I feel a little more confident in my ability to navigate a roundabout the next time I’m required to do so. Though, I can also understand the surprise regarding the need for it. Those who have moved from cities where roundabouts are very common, for example. I just hope these people can understand that we are still getting use to the idea of roundabouts and getting more comfortable with their presence, since they will probably be growing in numbers as the city grows in size.

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