More than just answering the telephone

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

Are you an administrative professional? I have been one for four and a half years now, and I love it! Administrative professionals include receptionists, office assistants, administrative assistants, data entry specialists, executive assistants, and bookkeepers. They can be found in almost every industry, making office administration a versatile career choice.

I love being an administrative assistant because I enjoy keeping things organized and running smoothly. A few of my responsibilities include, but are not limited to, answering the telephone, providing front-end customer service, ordering materials, taking meeting minutes, and managing a Twitter account. The great thing about being an office admin is that your job is constantly in a state of evolution, and your job description changes year after year. Just when you are getting comfortable with your responsibilities, and maybe a little bored, something new comes along and you feel challenged and refreshed again.

I have a little extra incentive to go to work every day because I have a strange obsession with stationery. I get to be surrounded by highlighters, Sharpies, and Post-It Notes all day long! I used to work for the corporate office of a steel manufacturing company, and my cubicle was directly across from the stationery supply cabinet. Every time someone would open the doors, you would get a whiff of that distinct smell stationery has, and I loved it! I know, it’s incredibly weird, but I have worked with other people who have the same obsession, so I know that I am not alone. I’ve even told my husband that instead of buying me jewellery for special occasions he could buy me stationery instead and I would be ecstatic. One year, I received a red Swingline stapler, identical to the one from the movie Office Space, for my birthday. It’s awesome!

You are constantly learning as an office admin. I graduated from the two-year Office Administration diploma at Lethbridge College, and even though I left with a great foundation of knowledge, I continued learning new things once I started working. Further beyond that, I joined the Lethbridge chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, or IAAP, so that I could learn even more by attending their monthly professional development dinner meetings. My membership has also led me to some great resources, networking opportunities, and new friendships.

So, on this Administrative Professionals’ Day, please thank those who help keep everything running smoothly in your office. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that we do that sometimes goes unnoticed, so it’s great to show your appreciation.

Oh, and if you are interested in joining the Lethbridge Chapter of IAAP, click here for more information.

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