A ride to remember (cont’d)

(Part 1)

Just as I was calculating the amount of trouble I would be in for trespassing, I heard a man’s voice call the dog’s name. Years and several repressed memories later, I cannot remember what the dog’s name was, but it immediately ceased it’s snarly stare down and retreated to the man’s side. My heart finally stopped trying to escape my body through my throat, and we slowly approached the man. We told him what had happened, and he led us inside so we could use a phone. I called my mother to come pick us up while the man told Christina the dog’s name as she hesitantly petted it. My mother arrived 10 minutes later, loaded both of our bikes into the trunk, and we drove Christina home. It was definitely one of the scary moments of my life, and it sure made for a memorable bike ride.

(Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger!)

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