My Canadian food booth

Did you make it out to the Heritage Day festivities on Monday?

My husband and I were in line a little after 10 a.m. and shared the front of the line with my friends, Kim and Mary, and their children, so we were able to chat to pass the time. A little before 11 a.m., the line-up had stretched out to the middle of the south parking lot of Exhibition Park, so we were all glad we were in line as early as we were.

This year, we indulged in cabbage rolls and pirogi (a must since I’m half Polish), butter chicken and jasmine rice, my husband enjoyed a sausage roll while I savoured a croquette (which I haven’t had since we were in Europe last year) from the Dutch Canadian Club booth. After all that, we took another walk around the pavilion to see if there was anything else that called out to us, but our stomachs were full enough and we thought it was time for the great escape.

While surveying the remaining food booths during our last lap, I started to think about our heritage as Canadians and the foods unique to our country that I enjoy. I know we have Canada Day to celebrate our culture, but what if we added one more food booth on Heritage Day that celebrates our unique Canadian cuisine?

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. We are a melting pot nation, one that enjoys a varied and wonderful selection of ethnic cuisine, so why shouldn’t we have our own iconic foods available at Heritage Day? I suppose it might be a bit tongue and cheek to put up a Canadian booth, but I think we can all appreciate how delicious an idea this is.

So what foods would be included as part of a Canadian food booth?

Poutine is a must! That’s pretty much a given. French fries sprinkled with cheese curd and smothered with gravy. Throw out the diet for the day! It won’t kill you! It is a popular icon of Canadian heritage that is known all around the world. A Montreal smoked meat sandwich would go very well served up right beside it!

For sweets, I would serve Nanaimo bars (made with maple-flavoured icing, of course) and Saskatoon berry tarts, since I know local cartoonist, Eric Dyck, enjoys these quaint little berries that are native to our area. And to wash it all down? A nice, cold can of Canada Dry ginger ale.

I wonder if maybe next year some enterprising individuals will venture into the delicious, then we can all have an authentic Canadian poutine!

What would your Canadian food booth serve?

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