Taking in the Enmax Centre renos

My husband and I first met while working as concession servers at the Enmax Centre, so every once in a while we take in an event and relive old memories. We had not been there since the renovations were completed, so we went to a Hurricanes game a couple of weeks ago with tickets I won from Rock 106.

The first thing I noticed once we were inside was how open and spacious the arena felt.

After we grabbed some grub (taco in a bag for me, a pocket dog for my husband), we found our seats and let our eyes wander. The big attention-grabber for me was the new scoreboard, complete with 4 huge video screens.

The production quality of the video shown on these screens is incredible! The graphics for  introductions, replays, promos, and everything else was very impressive and really pulled spectators into the game.

I was also on the look out for the Hurricanes’ new PA announcer, Troy Vincent (a.k.a. Vince from Rock 106).

Vince has been credited for bringing a great presence and energy to every home game, and I have to agree. It’s amazing that he still has his voice for the Vince and Rosie Show the next morning.

Another addition that takes advantage of the new scoreboard is the Kiss Cam that happens during the 3rd period. Thanks to a tip from one of my Twitter friends, we chose seats in an area where the Kiss Cam doesn’t reach. I’m camera shy, what can I say?

My favourite part of the Kiss Cam that night was when the camera stopped on an older couple. The husband leaned over and kissed his wife, then pumped his fist in the air when he received a huge round of applause. It was very cute.

There were familiar sights during the night as well, like the remote-controlled blimp flown by the Taber Nighthawks R/C Flying Club during intermissions.

Oh! There was a hockey game that night too!

The Hurricanes beat the Red Deer Rebels 3-2.

Other highlights from the night included:

  • The new lounge at the north end of the arena — We went up during one of the intermissions and quickly browsed the vendor tables that were on display for Ladies Night. It was nice not to get carded.
  • The additional box seats and media galleries — On our way to the lounge, we snuck a peek at them. They reminded me of the box seats in the Saddledome, and they made me want to see an event from one of them someday.
  • The new concessions — Being ex-concession servers, I asked my husband’s opinion on the new concession stands. He was impressed and thought they looked much more efficient than what we they had in there before. I definitely saw a lot more room to move around, which helps decrease the amount of accidental coffee scaldings.

In summary, I highly recommend that you see an event at the Enmax Centre if you haven’t been there since the renovations. The atmosphere is more welcoming, exciting, and fun than before!

Have you been to the Enmax Centre since the renovations? What did you think?

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