I saw this meme on Jo’s blog and thought it would be a nice break from my regular entries. It also lets you learn more about me.

Current Book:  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I’ve just started it, but I’ve heard that it’s very good.


Current Music:  Doom and Gloom by The Rolling Stones. Rock 106 usually plays this during my Monday morning commute, and I thank them for it.

Current Guilty Pleasure:  Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Current Drink:  I’m constantly trying to increase my water intake. It’s all thanks to my husband, really. I didn’t drink water at all six years ago.

Current Foods: 
My husband makes a mean pulled pork sandwich.

Current Favourite Show:  Community. I’m completely addicted and am recommending it to anyone who will listen. It’s just that great! I can’t wait until the new season starts on February 7.


Current Wish List:  A Dyson vacuum. Vacuuming has to be my favourite “chore”, and it would be nice to finally have one that does a decent job.

Current Needs:  Some more spa time at Catwalk. I don’t pamper myself enough.

Current Triumphs:  Updating this blog weekly. I’m not usually this consistent.

Current Bane of My Existence:  Bad drivers. They make me white-knuckled the most in the winter.

Current Celebrity Crush:  Joel McHale


Current Blessing:  Weekends. Any time away from work is a blessing, really.

Current Slang:  Cool, cool, cool.

Current Excitement:  My birthday in March. I have a “milestone” birthday this year.

Current Mood:  Full. I blame the pulled pork sandwiches.

Current Link: (my very talented cousin’s portfolio)

Thanks for reading this far. If you want to know more about me, please leave a comment!

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