Two guys, a girl, and a Valentine’s Day breakfast

I love radio contests. I haven’t won anything big like concert tickets (oh, Elton) or trips to sunny destinations, but one year I won a prize that I was still pretty stoked about.

Just before Valentine’s Day of 2007, Rock 106 had a contest running where you could enter online using your Rock Rewards Club points and you could win a Valentine’s Day breakfast with Fraser and Rosie (Fraser was Rosie’s on-air counterpart before Vince). Along with breakfast from Mocha Cabana, the winner also got to be on the morning show with Fraser and Rosie, as well as win DVDs of romantic comedies “hand picked’ by the guys themselves. I thought the idea was kinda neat, so I entered the contest.

I was excited, then a bit freaked out, when the receptionist at the station called me a few days before Valentine’s Day saying that I had won and had to be at the radio station on the morning of the 14th to go on air with Fraser and Rosie. I say freaked out because, even though I was excited that I got to be on the air with them, I didn’t want to say something stupid and make an ass of myself with all of Southern Alberta listening. But even with this fear, my excitement got the better of me and I was telling all of my friends that I was going to be on the radio. The pressure was on.

When I got to the station it was about 7:45 a.m. and the front door was locked. Luckily one of the guys saw me and let me in. They were both very kind and very funny. They let me in on how the morning was going to go, when I would be on air, what they would talk about, things like that. Then the time came to go on air. They asked me about why I entered the contest, and I said I thought it would be cool to be on air, meet the two of them, and get a breakfast in the end. They both joked and said I was just in it for the breakfast. Things were going good. I talked about my [then] fiance, and they asked what I was getting him for Valentine’s Day. I replied with massage oil, and the guys made the elbow-jabbing jokes from there. Trying to save face for both myself and my fiance, who was listening to me embarrass him at home, I explained that it was because he worked at the Totem lumber yard and that he always came home sore. But the joke was made, and I turned beet red. See mouth, insert foot.

The rest of the time I was in the studio was pretty tame. I got to see Rosie do the news a couple times and see Fraser cue music, commercials, and take phone calls. Then when the show was done just before 9, we went into a meeting room where styrofoam containers were layed out with french toast, waffles, scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, syrup, and juice. It was all really good, but I may be a little biased since I love any breakfast food that requires maple syrup. I received three or four DVDs, chatted with the guys a little more, thanked them for the prize, and left the station to start the rest of my day.

Later that day I received a text from my husband while he was at work. Many of his co-workers and customers were listening to the radio that morning and were ribbing him for the massage oil comment. Oh well. ;)

(Thanks to Scott for the video.)

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