How I spent my Lethbridgian vacation

I’m sure I’ve had to write one of these essays a few times in grade school, but I think the excitement level here will be a little lack luster. Summer just doesn’t hold the same promise of freedom as it used to. I blame the fact that being an adult isn’t as nice as I thought it would be, what with all the responsibilities… blech!

So what have I been doing that has made me so busy and pulled me away from the blog? Last time we saw our hero (i.e. me) she was unemployed and searching for what to do next with her life. The last two jobs I’ve held were administrative assistant positions. I absolutely love working as an office administrator! Aside from the insane amounts of stationary I get to be around all day (for I am a stationary aficionado), I enjoy keeping order, doing data entry, and most of all I LOVE accounts payable work. When I was younger I never thought I would want to have a career where I had to use math, but office math I can handle… just not to the point where I’d want to be an accountant.

While unemployed, I would scower help wanted websites and the classified section of The Herald, and I kept finding myself feeling defeated since most of the ads I was attracted to asked for a 2-year Office Administration diploma as well as a year or more of work experience. I have the work experience, just not the piece of paper. Thus I have decided to go back to Lethbridge College and get that darned piece of paper and get the jobs I want!

I decided to work two jobs over the summer to save up a little for the two years of education ahead of me and then apply for student loans to help me with the rest. Between one workplace and the other, there wasn’t much time in between to devote the time I wanted to the blog — hence the hiatus.

With school starting for us post secondary students today, I thought I would come back and try to give a glimpse of a Lethbridgian going through college a second time.

Riveting stuff, I know.

Since I’ve been through the halls of the college once again, I can already tell you there will be differences in my experience now compared to when I started the first time 9 years ago. I hope to share all these new experiences with you as well as what I experience being a “mature” student.

Thanks for sticking around thus far. TTFN!

3 responses to “How I spent my Lethbridgian vacation”

  1. As a northern Albertan Id have to say the economy down here just isn't the same. Jobs just are not available like up in the north. Ive had a wonderful experience here and enjoy the city a lot, but Im sure Ill be moving back up north where the economy is much better. I think there are less jobs here because everyone wants to live here. Also I like living in the forest and hills.

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