Smile! You were caught breaking the law

The Lethbridge Regional Police Service is cracking down on speeders during the month of April as part of their traffic enforcement program. Drivers who exceed posted and inner-city speed limits will be issued tickets. I felt that the following would go along with this nicely.

I’d like to talk about a subject that never seems to die (and yet here I am keeping it on life support).

Photo radar has annoyed many Lethbridge motorists because it is viewed as just another “cash cow”, another way the city can dig into your pockets. People see it as sneaky and unfair to the point where the local paper, radio stations, and most recently have found a demand in letting motorists know where the “speed traps” and photo radar vehicles are located in the city so they can drive accordingly. Anything to not get that pesky photo radar ticket.

Photo radar is set up to catch drivers who are speeding when they should not be speeding in the first place. Having these notices ahead of time really defeats the purpose and it is pretty much cheating the system. Someone who normally drives 70 km/h down Mayor Magrath Drive South (and don’t go on denying it, I’ve seen you) will probably drive the posted 60 km/h only when he or she knows that the cops will be out looking for them. Sure, Mayor Magrath Drive is safe for that day, but what about the next when it moves to another location and Mr. or Mrs. Drives-Over-The-Limit is back on the road again? It’s the same thing when you are driving on any road and you see a police cruiser either in oncoming traffic or driving behind you. People will tend to slow down when there is a chance they will get ticketed with a fine.

I really don’t understand why people complain about photo radar in the first place.You have a license that legally allows you to drive, you pay for insurance to legally drive your vehicle, but you want to complain about something that is there to make sure you are all driving within the confines of the law. What am I missing here? Those who complain about photo radar being used sound like they are just upset that their “fun” is being kiboshed by “the man”. What is going to happen when you are in an accident, of your fault or another driver’s, due to speed? Will you suddenly become a supporter of photo radar? Does it have to take the death of a loved one to change your mind? Even your own?

And just because you are speeding and there isn’t photo radar or a police officer around to catch you doesn’t mean the rest of us are blind to your blatant ignorance of others safety. You may not give a lick about your own life, but maybe you need to think about the other people on the road and stop being so selfish!

If you don’t want to pay a fine for something you’ve done wrong, then don’t do it in the first place! Why is that concept so hard to grasp? And what is so terrible about driving the speed limit? I have followed the rules of the road since I received my driver’s license 9 years ago and it doesn’t hinder me in any way. I have never received a photo radar ticket in the mail or been pulled over by a member of the Lethbridge Police. If you must know, the most I’ve had in the form of infractions with my vehicle have been parking tickets – all paid the same day I received them.

Now, if the reason you are always speeding is because you are late, plan to leave earlier (duh!). If you just need to feel like a man, go ahead and rev that souped-up engine of yours and giv’er down Mayor Magrath at 11:30 at night when most of us are off the road, safe at home.

Oh, and enjoy your speeding ticket from that ghost car you just passed.

4 responses to “Smile! You were caught breaking the law”

  1. Up in different citys the red light cameras are out of control. I counted 24 different cameras at one intersection (that's reality). Red light cameras are a waste of money for the minimal amount of issues they resolve. Im also very against photo radar because people are on to them now and they need to find a new way and a more personal way to catch people speeding. In Alberta the $200 cheap ticket doesn't get through to people because that's just not enough.

  2. I have been a Driving Instructor in Ontario for 12 years, lived in Hamilton for 41 years. I wish they would bring back photo radar here. In the 2 years they tried it, our crashes were SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED. I have visited Lethbridge twice in 3 years and coming there again in June. It is a pleasure driving in your city, compared to mine. Keep it for the respect it draws from drivers.

  3. Do you go into photo controls on running red lights anywhere? It is worth considering. Running the red is out of control in Lethbridge, and I have even seen people do it in front of Police cruisers. How many dented cars and dead motorcyclists will it take for a change?

  4. i totally agree! i've gotten a few photo radar tickets in lethbridge (and calgary. and edmonton. and medicine hat. hahaha) and dude, it was totally my fault!! and really, if you're going to get a ticket, photo radar is the best way to go- no demerits or black marks on your record! im definitely not a reformed sinner though- i usually drive 10km over the limit (except in school zones where i'm dead on the limit). apparently that's the secret to dodging photo radar but dont take my word for it!

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