Photo Friday: Spring of new birth

I am not known for my gardening skills (since I pretty much have none), but when I saw a kit for growing cherry tomatoes in Chapters, I had to at least give it a try. This is the first little guy to sprout from the bunch, and I was surprised at how proud I felt even though I just followed the directions on the box. We check the little guy daily, and were happy to find another sprout this morning with the seed still hanging off it’s tiny leaves.

From that proud feeling of taking care of a cherry tomato sprout, it gives me a greater appreciation for larger living things that also need to be taken care of – like our planet, Earth.

My husband and I will be taking part in Earth Hour tomorrow night from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. I hope that many of you will decide to make an effort and participate in the Earth Hour movement along with us. It’s only one hour out of 24! In that time you could play a board game with your family, read a book by candlelight, or just sit and talk with a loved one.

We did it last year – and so can you!

One response to “Photo Friday: Spring of new birth”

  1. congrats on your first sprout! i grew tomatoes on our lethbridge balcony last year, they did really well with all the dry heat and sun! but then we left for two weeks and our cat-sitter forgot to water them, sigh. awesome blog jenn! i miss my town so much and love that i get to see it through your blog!

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