Us bloggers have to stick together

Image courtesy of: Lethbian Love
This past Friday my friend Jonathan Ruzek featured A Lethbridgian View on his blog, Lethbian Love. I thought it would be a nice gesture to plug his blog on here as a proper ‘thank you’.
Lethbian Love has been on the net since February 19, 2009, and was started to inform others in the city of events as well as expose the lifestyle and culture that can only be found in Lethbridge. The term “Lethbian” is actually a slang term for a Lethbridge citizen (Lethbridgian being the proper word, as a Calgary citizen is a Calgarian), and the term Ruzek uses fits his style and approach on the subjects he covers in Lethbian Love. Since it’s inception, it has really taken off and expanded into the Twitter and Facebook realms and shows a lot of promise for the future through it’s popularity among the young adult crowd within the city. I raise my invisible glass of green beer (it is St. Patrick’s Day, after all) and toast to Jonny and Lethbian Love to a future of success. He has pioneered the way for future city bloggers such as myself. Thank you, good sir.
I would like to address one thing about a tag that was attached to his posting about A Lethbridgian View. The entry had the tag “copycats” in it… and I don’t believe that I am one. I have my own plans and hopes for this blog, even though the subject matter could be considered identical. As Jonny’s LL Cool J quote rang true, so does the old adage “imitation is the highest form of flattery”, and if what I am doing with A Lethbridgian View is viewed as an imitation of Lethbian Love, I do hope Jonny is indeed flattered and does not feel as though I am stepping on his toes.
If there would be anyone I would want tagging me as a copycat it would be those that have inspired me to be part of the blogging medium in the first place, as well as those who continue to do so.
(Warning: Heavy name dropping ahead… get out your hardhats!)
I started blogging back in 2001 as I was ending my high school education and, as others in my graduating class, was trying to find rhyme through reason of the adult world we were all about to embark on. My blogging started (and still is) on a personal, private journal on LiveJournal. Their “Friends Only” feature is what has kept me there for the past nine years. My friend, Karey, was the one who pushed me onto the LJ site in the first place, saying that it would help me with my creative writing which I was heavily into at the time, but would suffer awful bouts of writer’s block from. Writing down my thoughts into the LJ would inadvertently help start a chapter in a short story or help find a friend with a similar fandom which would spark a new bout of creativity electrified inside of me and striking down into the Microsoft Word program on the family computer. From the creative writing I did in high school, I went on to a two-year program in Print Journalism at the college (back when it was still Lethbridge Community College) and my writing became more mature, precise, and informative.

More recently, my interest in blogging evolved into vlogging, influenced mostly by the attention whores of YouTube. Truth be told, you do need to be a little bit of a narcissist and attention seeker if you are one of the many YouTubers making videos or daily vlogs just to hold someone’s attention for 3-4 minutes. Out of all these average Joes and Janes, I have become a regular viewer of a select few that I hold responsible in high regard for influencing my vlogging style and ideas. My favourite YouTuber at the moment is Christopher Mast and his channel The World According to Christopher Mast. Based in San Francisco, Christopher breaks away from most of the less-legitimate attention whores and is a genuine guy with a solid grasp of common sense and a good sense of humour. He’s tops in my books, and he’s always good for replying back to user comments on his videos… as long as they don’t say “First!!!!!11111” or “ur gay”. Others I keep up with on a regular basis are Phil DeFranco (who does The Philip DeFranco Show and The Vloggity), Kevin Nalts, SHAYTARDS, and fellow Canadian, FLuffee (of FLuffee Talks, which is a little more low brow of the YouTube attention seekers). I’ve always loved photography, especially photography that doesn’t include people in it. This would really bother my parents when I came home from summer camp or vacations, expecting to see smiling faces, only to see mountains, waterfalls, greenery, buildings, etc. I find more beauty in all these way more than people… because I see people every g.d. day and I like seeing the stuff BEHIND them more. My friend Krista has really been a driving force for my creativity in scenic photography and I just love the scenes I see in her blog whether she’s in her hometown of Kingston, ON, or in her current haunt of Victoria, BC. I also have started to love the scenery work of local photographer Jaime Vedres in his collaborative blog Lethbridge Daily Photo Dose. With these folks, I feel proud and confident to show off my scenic photos from around the city — to give everyone a proper Lethbridgian view.

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