Oh, you’re back I see

I never really got this blog off the ground like I had hoped, did I?

Well, life? Thou art a heartless bitch! I’ve stumbled into having some more free time than I had before (meaning that I don’t have a job to go to day in day out to give out any excuses not to). Well, if I get really lazy and just bugger off then, y’know, no posts to speak of. But this I hope to improve.

Gotta get an audience. Or else it’s like I’m in a padded room, hugging myself unintentionally, talking to myself. Thank goodness there are no pointy objects in my direct vicinity… heh, then we’d all be doomed!

So, yeah. Gonna go smack myself upside the head a few times and see if anything dribbles down through my arms to get my fingers punching keys into drivel that will actually make sense and not leave my readers (i.e. the padded walls) with huge question marks in their eyes.

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