I am Lethbridgian!

Photo by: Tanya Plonka

I want to write this blog to give my views as a Lethbridgian – a person who resides in or is from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Not to write introductory blog posts.

I can give you a little bit of information about myself to start things off with, and I may come back to this post and tweak it every now and then when I feel it needs it. But I’d like this blog to also be like a journey where I don’t show all my cards in the beginning and give everything away.

Plainly and simply, my name is Jenn. I’m a 26-year-old administrative professional and, oh what the heck, I like Nutella on toast!

More will be revealed in the entries to come on a variety of topics that affect me day-to-day as a citizen of Lethbridge. Most will be related somehow to what it is like to live here. I’m not really promoting anything but more giving my view on the pros and cons of everyday subjects.

I hope you will stick around and perhaps agree or disagree with me, and maybe we will both learn a thing or two.


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